Limited Partners.

Meet your next GP at Deploy.

Pension Funds, Fund of Funds, Endowment, Family Offices & Corporates, HNWI’s...see the world’s leading managers all in one place.

6th February 2024, 2-5pm (GMT)

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Focal Deploy exists to increase your exposure to the world’s best GPs.

We do so by fostering tailored, personal connections through our unprecedented positioning at the epicentre of the VC ecosystem.


Why choose Deploy?

Increase allocation to the top 1% of VC funds

Focal is built from within the VC community. We have unique relationships with the top VC funds across the globe, and can deliver those to you.

See a mix of established and emerging managers

Pre-qualified venture funds suited to every LPs preference.

Screen all data points before requesting intros

From fund vintage and IRR to team background, perform your own benchmarking.


It's a no brainer for Limited Partners

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Frequently asked questions

I have other LPs in my network which would be a great addition, what do I do?

We would love to hear from them! Please ask them to fill out this form,

What format does the event take?

15 pitches from world-class VC funds accompanied with breakout rooms and personal sessions.

Do you charge me to take part?

Focal is not a placement agent or broker. It’s free to both apply and attend.

How do you seed the network of Limited Partners?

We look for evidence of a sophisticated limited partner, not just net asset value. Having said that, we look for a minimum commitment to venture of £500,000 in the past 5 years and/or evidence of dedicated teams and capital.

How do I request introductions to the funds?

We give you all the necessary quantitative and qualitative data points you would need to make an informed decision. You'll be prompted to request intros on demo day itself and in the run up to it.

How does the fund selection process work?

We pick a combination of the most promising established and emerging funds. Partner LPs also have access to all our GP applicants, giving you an unparalleled GP dataset.