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Focal is the hub for early-stage fundraising, accelerating the process and driving better results.

Focal has two demo-day formats, one where VCs can discover leading startups, and another where VCs pitch their funds to top tier LPs.

To pitch your upcoming fund to prospective LPs, apply to pitch at Focal Deploy.

For GPs who'd like to pitch an upcoming fund to prospective LPs, register interest to pitch at Focal Deploy '25
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Focal runs two demo day formats for VCs.

We run bi-annual demo days which attract thousands of startup applicants, with 250 leading VCs helping surface the top 1% to pitch at demo day.

We also run Focal Deploy, the annual chance to pitch top-tier LPs. It's a great way to build hype for your fund and generate LP inbound.


Why choose Focal?

See the top 1% of startups

We surface the very best companies, as selected by 250 world class VC funds, from a pool of thousands of startups.

Request intros

If you’re interested in investing in any of our finalists and would like to learn more, request introductions with the click of a button.

Raise your next fund

Grow your LP network with Focal Deploy. Your application alone will be seen by our 110 LP partners. Watch investor interest flow into your inbox


It's a no brainer for investors

Focal has created a new opportunity for fundraising for founders and helped VCs to develop a highly needed collaborative approach - both great for the ecosystem.

Pietro Bezza
Connect Ventures

Our second fund III investment, YASO, came through Focal. They've done a remarkable job of attracting a first-rate group of smart entrepreneurs.

Chris Smith

Concept has loved being part of the Focal network, and we're proud to have backed a few of the brilliant startups involved. A great way to democratise fundraising.

Oliver Kicks

It’s great to see Focal building on their success for startups, to help drive forward venture investing in the UK and Europe.

Andrew J Scott

Focal offers much needed access and efficiency to founders allowing them to focus on what ultimately matters most at this stage - building product and speaking to users.

Akshat Goenka

A great initiative to level the playing field, offering founders the opportunity to get their vision and pitch in front of VCs and angels, and supercharge their fundraising efforts

Daphne Dovermann

Focal is a remarkable initiative that levels the playing field, granting founders the golden opportunity to showcase their vision and pitch to VCs and angels, igniting their fundraising efforts to unprecedented heights.

Audrey Handem

The quality that Focal surfaces is amazing. I found as many interesting companies in the recent batch as I did in the last 4 conferences combined.

András Fehér
Day One Capital

It made discovering and investing in top tier companies so easy.

Isabelle O'Keefe
Sure Valley Ventures

Focal is an incredible platform for early stage founders and investors. Beyond opening up access to the fundraising market, they’re building a great support network that’ll benefit the European, early stage landscape.

Mas Senghore

It's probably the easiest way for founders to raise and for investors to access great deal flow.

Tash Jones
ex-Octopus Ventures

One of the most visible, open source (and, therefore, diverse) platforms for entrepreneurs to connect with early stage VCs - it's become a central event in the ecosystem.

Emma Steele

Focal has positioned itself as one of the most important events in European VC by connecting quality founders with top-tier investors and creating opportunities that benefit the whole ecosystem.

Sarah Kreik
DN Capital

Being selected as a finalist for Focal Deploy is an honour; the platform is ultimately championing a shift in the ecosystem as emerging VCs demonstrate the expanding influence of network effects.

Jeffrey Evans
Mantis VC

Focal Deploy is revolutionising the landscape by facilitating and bridging connections between LPs and GPs.

Salomon Aiach

Our finalists have raised >£110m from top-tier funds like

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Frequently asked questions

How can I hear about the next demo day?

Sign up to our newsletter where you’ll get alerts about future demo days and other cool stuff. Our demo days are typically around May and October.

How does the startup selection process work?

180 leading VCs vote on which they think are the most promising startups. Those with the most votes get to pitch.

How do I request intros to the finalists?

After demo day, we will email demo day attendees and our wider community with details on all the finalists, as well as a simple form to fill in to request intros. Fill in the form, and we’ll pass your details to the companies you’re interested in.

How do I invest in the SPVs?

A few days after demo day, we will select the companies for which we’ll raise SPVs. Promotions of SPV opportunities can only be communicated on a restricted basis. Visit to complete the short eligibility assessment.

If I work for a VC fund, how can I get my fund to be a partner of Focal?

We have a waiting list of funds which want to partner with us. To join this waiting list, please contact We review the waiting list every 6 months and add a limited number of high quality funds to the group.

I have LPs in my network which would be a great addition, what do I do?

We would love to hear from them! Please ask them to fill out this form:

Do you charge me to take part?

Focal is not a placement agent or broker. It’s free to both attend and apply.

How do you seed the network of Limited Partners?

We look for evidence of sophisticated LP, not just net asset value. Having said that, we look for a minimum commitment to venture of £500,000 in the past 5 years and/or evidence of dedicated teams and capital.

How do I receive introductions to LPs?

We showcase all of the data points we collect on GPs to vetted LPs. If an LP is interested in a meeting, you will receive an automated email with contact details to set up a meeting.

How does the fund selection for your Deploy event work?

We expect there to be a huge amount of demand for this event. We want to select a diverse range of high-performing general partners. Applicants will be reviewed by the Focal team and our LP partners.